The Project

The 70 granular clay bowls created by Orna Tamir-Schestowitz incorporate photographic images of the bounty of the Israeli land: portraits of herbs, fruits and vegetables rooted in the same earth from which the pottery was made. All the photographed plants were cultivated from heirloom seeds that naturally evolved over the generations, without genetic modification or human engineering. Each bowl presents a sample of sumptuous produce originating from Erez Komarovsky’s Galilean orchard, and photographed by Dan Perez – a tribute to the natural cycle of life and a rich agricultural legacy of thousands of years.


Graphic design: Rona Speizman  |  Technical consultancy: Noa Razer & Eran Barbakov

All proceeds will support the funding of social projects in Bezalel’s Department of Ceramics and Glass Design.

The Artist

Orna Tamir Schestowitz is an Israeli based artist and curator. Previously she was a journalist and editor in the field of design and architecture. In 2000 she published an architectural-design documentary book entitled “Homes with a Personal Style“.

In 2005 she curated and exhibited “Offering Reconciliation“ at the Ramat Gan Museum, an exhibition of art works by Israeli and Palestinian artists on ceramic bowls which she designed.

In 2007 the peacemaking exhibition traveled to the United Nations building in New York and toured American campuses. All the 136 artworks were auctioned at Sotheby's. The proceeds from this project were donated to the Israeli Palestinian Bereaved Families for Peace. In 2012 she produced a film documenting the activities of art  students from Haifa University to rehabilitate the refugee community in the Kakuma camp in Kenya. As part of the project, she created an exhibition of photographs and a video. The exhibition was presented at the University of Haifa, and the film serves as a learning tool.

In April 2018 she presented the Seeds of Heritage project at the Fresh Paint Fair. Currently Orna is presenting “The Goodness of the Land and its Heritage“ at the ceramic pavilion in the Eretz Israel Museum.


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